We believe in doing excellent work with great clients. From ideation to implementation, we communicate closely with everyone we work with to ensure great results.

Long-term clients (content creation): Glassbox Barbershop, Peter Gosling, Tom&Sawyer, Stellar Eats, VIPKid, Chelsey Lichtman and more.

Short-term clients (advertisements): American Express, Buzzfeed, Abercrombie, Amazon, SportChek, STOK Cold Brew, Clorox, Ruggable, and more.


▪ Accumulated 1,000,000 views in 4 months

▪ TikTok Video with 600k+ organic views

▪ Increased Instagram reach by +210%

Glassbox has seen great success on Reels, with multiple videos hitting over 10k views. They have also had videos go viral on TikTok, leading to a big spike of new business, with two locations booked up for weeks.


▪ Accumulated 324,000 views in the first 2 months

▪ Created multiple Reels that hit double-digit views

▪ Increased Instagram reach by +692%

We took their Instagram Reels from a few hundred views per video to a few thousand views on average. We have created a handful of videos that reached five-digit views and increased Instagram reach by +692%.


▪ Accumulated 132,000 views in the first 2 months

▪ Video with 40k views on both TikTok and Reels

▪ Increased Instagram reach by +9,253%

To showcase her bold personality, we take TikTok trends and put her lens on them. This is a powerful way for people to connect with her if they want to buy a house from a queer/relateable real estate agent.


▪ 150K followers in 12 months

▪ 6 videos over 1M+ views

▪ 30+ videos over 100K views

▪ 3M+ total likes

Drake is the founder of Kozen Creative. He practices what he preaches and creates daily content. He leverages ongoing learnings of scaling quickly, going viral and building community into every project.


▪ Grew 30k IG followers in three months ▪ 1K average likes per post on IG ▪ 5.4M impressions across platforms ▪ 60K followers on TikTok in one year Kyle is the other co-founder of Kozen Creative. He not only has 70k+ followers on TikTok but has leveraged the power of Instagram Reels to take his account from 2k to 30k followers in only a couple of months. With multiple videos with ~100k views on Reels, he applies the same growth strategies when building client accounts.